Winter 2020-21 The Maine Pass offers unlimited access to Sunday River and Sugarloaf all winter on one pass with a host of extra perks including discounted tickets for friends, retail and food savings, Western skiing benefits, and more. … With the current Covid 19 pandemic, covid testing may be required of participants prior to arrival at the resort. At Sunday River: 7:30am for the Chondola and Spruce Peak Triple on Sundays from December 27, 202o to March 28, 2021 plus December 30 and February 17. Colorado: Aspen Snowmass, Copper Mountain Resort, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, Eldora Mountain Resort Maine: Sugarloaf, Sunday River Michigan: Boyne Mountain, Boyne Highlands Montana: Big Sky Resort New Hampshire: Loon Mountain New Mexico: Taos Ski Valley New York: Windham Mountain Oregon: Mt. On this page you can review information on the Copper Mountain Trip and Sign up for Sunday River! Passes start at $849 for adults and $449 for kids. EPIC ALERT: Big Snowfalls For Northwest Ski Resorts 9.9k shares 2d ago ALL. 15 South Ridge Road PO Box 4500 Newry, ME 04261 All benefits are limited to the passholder themselves and are non-transferable. MEALS: Breakfast daily … Your Ikon Base Pass does not include access to Loon, Sugarloaf or Sunday River. New for winter 2020-21, Platinum takes the unlimited, three-resort access of the Gold New England Pass and adds exclusive benefits including early lift access and an Ikon Base Pass. Find all details here! You are using an outdated browser. email. Please upgrade your browser or use a different browser to improve your experience. Both Trips use the IKON Pass. To unlock the best deal on Sunday River lift tickets, bundle them with discounted Sunday River lodging with The 20/21 Ikon Base Pass connects you to the same unforgettable collection of 43 global destinations as the Ikon Pass. Sunday River had similar restrictions, limiting the slopes to pass holders, Ikon pass holders, and ticket pack holders until Dec. 14. (800) 543-2754. Ikon Pass invites skiers and riders across the globe to unlock adventure and the lowest pricing for winter 20/21 on Thursday, March 5, 2020 when the Ikon Pass will go on sale. The Ikon Pass is road trip ready with more mountains, more days, and more benefits. An Ikon Base Pass included. Sweet Days Await Us. The Adventure Assurance Program enables all eligible 2020-21 Ikon Pass products to be bought with confidence as 2020-21 Ikon Pass holders will be able to defer the purchase price paid for their unused 20/21 Ikon Pass by April 11, 2021 for a credit to be applied toward their purchase of any single 2021-22 Ikon Pass product. share. Learn more about 2020-21 Ikon Passes. These mountain and skiing pictures are sourced by our editorial team, the ski resorts themselves, as well as uploaded to our OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report Mobile App thanks to skiers and riders like you! Before you hit the slopes with your Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass, here’s what you need to know to access some of the most iconic destinations on the planet. We use cookies and similar technologies ('cookies') to optimize your experience and to understand how you interact with content on our site. Your Card Number can be found in the highlighted areas below: 15 South Ridge RoadPO Box 4500Newry, ME 04261. Check out the latest ski and snowboard photos from Ikon Pass ski resorts via the gallery below. Credit: Ikon Pass. Senior or junior discount on lift tickets $5/day. New England Passes purchased prior to June 16, 2020 retain all benefits listed above, including access to Loon Mountain. All lift tickets must be purchased online, and a limited number of tickets will be available each day of the season. 15 South Ridge Road PO Box 4500 Newry, ME 04261 Your Ikon Base Pass does not include access to Loon, Sugarloaf or Sunday River. Ikon Pass partner destinations are Aspen Snowmass, Copper Mountain Resort, Eldora Mountain Resort, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Big Sky Resort, Killington Resort, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Loon Mountain Resort, Alta Ski Area, and Snowbird. ... Sunday River, ME . 8 Friends & Family vouchers are not valid at Loon, Sugarloaf or Sunday River. After debuting in January 2018, the Ikon Pass enters its third season with 41 inspiring winter destinations, a new four-day product, and continued pass holder benefits. … “White Heat,” which is located just below the White Cap chairlift, is the resort’s infamous bump run. with your Ikon Pass. Sunday River Resort, Sugarloaf (both in Maine), and Loon Mountain Resort (NH) have announced the new 2020/21 New England Pass Promise program for ski season pass holders to provide “peace of mind and confidence for skiing and snowboarding next winter”. 4 DAYS TOTAL AT SELECT DESTINATIONS. Bachelor Tickets may be purchased anytime, including day-of-arrival, as long as inventory is available. sms. Loon Mountain, NH . !paymentDetails.length" :allow-row-selection="false" break-width="large" :headers="paymentTableHeaders" :items="paymentDetails"/>
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The Gold Maine Pass is valid every day of the season at Sunday River and Sugarloaf, with additional benefits including 10 discounted Friend Tickets at 25% off, three free days at Boyne Resorts’ western resorts, 50% ticket savings at Mountain Collective resorts, 15% retail savings, and more. Pass is strictly intended for the assigned Platinum New England Pass pass holder, non-transferable. The Ikon Pass offers access to 44 iconic mountain destinations around the globe, including five or seven days of skiing Sunday River — one of the most popular Ikon Pass destinations in New England. Adventure Assurance comes with every 20/21 Ikon Pass. Sunday River … With a Sunday River lift ticket, you can enjoy earns you access to some of the most dependable snow in the East and 131 trails. pin. Renowned in the East, Sunday River’s White Cap—the peak on looker’s left side of the resort—is known for its more difficult terrain and is the place to go for steeps, glades. send. 5th day Pre-ordered adult add $60, senior (65+) add $50. Get access to 44 global destinations and with multiple passes available to purchase, the Ikon Pass, Ikon Base Pass, Ikon Base Plus Pass and the Ikon Session Pass 4-Day offer you varying levels of access and benefits. (800) 543-2754. At Sunday River: 7:30am for the Chondola and Spruce Peak Triple on Sundays from December 27, 202o to March 28, 2021 plus December 30 and February 17. More Unofficial. Sunday River 2030 is a decade-long plan for sustainable growth and investments that will make the resort even better. If you can't assign a group member to a product, the guest is likely either the wrong age or not eligible because of other product requirements. The property lies at the base of Sunday River’s Jordan Bowl area, and is just 4.5 miles to the main base area via a complimentary shuttle. SKI TICKETS: 4 day all area lift Sunday River days based upon arrival date. Please enable javascript for an optimal experience. No lift ticket/Ikon pass deducts 4 day lift $225 from rates. Set in a beautiful mountain location, the Jordan Grand Resort Hotel is the premier address at Sunday River. Ikon Pass holders can ski both Killington and Sunday River 7 days throughout the 2018-’19 season with no blackout dates, while Ikon Base Pass holders have access to 5 days (holiday restrictions apply) at the two resorts throughout the winter. Purchase your Sunday River lift tickets through, and make your dollar go even further. Javascript is currently disabled. Privileges for passes redeemed fraudulently will … Taos Ski Valley, NM . First, upload your photo and make sure the picture meets the requirements. Sugarloaf, ME . Sunday River skiing. tweet. Choose when and where you ride. Final hours to claim the best price. You will receive a 2020/21 Ikon Base Pass, included with your Platinum New England Pass, which will give you unlimited and 5-day access to 36 global destinations; does not include Jackson Hole or Aspen Snowmass. 224 shares 3hr ago ALL. Second, receive your Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass … The Ikon Session Pass 4-Day is no longer available for purchase. The remaining ${{totalPaymentPrice.toFixed(2)}} will be charged on the following schedule: