Cut Back on Sugary Drinks
Make Better Drink Choices

Tips and tools from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help cut back on sugary drinks

Soda Free Summer Campaign Materials

Tips sheets, activities, posters and more to help parents, kids, teachers and other childcare providers cut back on sugary drinks

CA WIC Handout

1 page handout that includes a pledge to be role model, spa water recipes, instructions on how to calculate the amount of sugar in drinks and tips for drinking more water

Drink Water
Potter the Otter

First 5 campaign that includes facts, activities, coloring sheets and more to get kids to love drinking water

Health Benefits of Water

Information from WebMD about the health benefits of water and 6 reasons to drink it

Marketing to Youth
Sugary Drink FACTS

Information about the nutrition of sugary drinks and how they are marketed to youth

Open Truth Campaign

Learn more about how the beverage industry targets marketing to youth

Childhood Obesity

Online network to prevent obesity among Latino children

Tips to Help Kids Maintain a Healthy Weight

Information from the CDC about the health risks of childhood obesity and what parents can do to help prevent their kids from becoming overweight or obese

Children’s BMI Calculator

Use this tool from the CDC to find out if your child is a healthy weight

Let’s Move!

The First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to reduce childhood obesity by creating healthy environments for kids, empowering caregivers, providing and increasing access to healthy food and increasing physical activity

All About Added Sugar
Added Sugar

Information from the Mayo Clinic about added sugar and why it is a problem

CA WIC Poster

Poster that shows how many teaspoons of sugar are in common drinks

Sugar Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much sugar is in your drink or the drinks you serve your kids


Scientific information and resources on the health impacts of consuming too much sugar

Community Resources and Partners
Healthy & Active Before 5 Link
CA WIC Program Link
Bay Area Nutrition & Physical Activity Collaborative (BANPAC) Link
California Project Lean Link
First 5 Contra Costa Link