If Skill Drain is destroyed, do effect monsters that were on the field at that time get their effects back? Just some rules you may not know. Categories Announcements Card of the Week Duel Reviews Hall of Fame Rogue Deck Spotlight Rulings Strategy: Advanced Strategy: Beginner Talking Goats Tournament Coverage. --Deus Ex Mac… If "Skill Drain" is activated later, then the ATK of "Beast King Barbaros" will remain at 950, the halved value set by the effect of "Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind". What trading card binder do you recommend for durability and price? Was this Poker Hand played out correctly question? Even in the face of Skill Drain, Abyss Soldier still has solid stats. Rescue Rabbit. Descendant and Slingem cannot tribute themselves, so you can tribute to pay the cost, but the effects will be negated by Skill Drain. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. 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Skill Drain, and also Lose 1 Turn as mentioned by another comment here only negate the effects of face-up monsters on the field. Archives. if i use giant trunade on skill drain, will that allow light and darkness to negate stuff again. then while their off the field their effect happens thus they are not hit by skill drain. and i activate skill drain, will that reset light and darkness's attack. By Doni Anto | September 27, 2016. A: In this scenario, even if the effects of “Skill Drain” are applied, “Eldlich the Golden Lord” still gains 1000 ATK and DEF from its effect and cannot be destroyed by card effects. This applies to most effects, but this also means that it will not negate: Effects that apply/resolve off of the field. * If "Skill Drain" is negating the effect "There can only be 1 face-up "Malefic" monster on the field." It is Continuous, so it remains active during the entire time it is on the field, and that includes the opponent's turn. Yu-Gi-Oh! Side Deck Theory - Skill Drain Kelly Locke 9/3/2013 11:00:00 AM Comments With the new Forbidden and Limited List in effect, we're now restricted to just one copy each of Soul Drain, Macro Cosmos, and Dimensional Fissure.Of the 'big three' that I talked about last format, this leaves only Rivalry of Warlords and Gozen Match at … However, remember that Skill Drain only negates the effects of monsters on the field, so with Stardust Dragon released and not on the field, you can still use its effects. (Err, assuming no other modifiers.) Yes, "Skill Drain" does not stop effects from being activated, and since "Rescue Rabbit" will not be on the field when it resolves, it will be unaffected by "Skill Drain." The gamestate will be rewound to the last legal point. Duel Links! 2 goryu 2 fusiler 2 ohka 3 dasher 2 malicious 3 fear monger 1 stratos 2 rare metal dragon 3 goblin attack force 3 destiny draw 2 allure of … Skill Drain specifically states that it only negates the effects of monsters that are face-up on the field. - A monster card can be treated as another card type if it is in the Spell/Trap Zone(ex. Effect Veiler, Majestic Star Dragon, Breakthrough Skill, and Mermail Abyssgaios are similar in that their effects, when they resolve, do … Who knows about Selling rare Yu-Gi-Oh cards. If skill drain is then destroyed, does his attack go back to 1900, or stay at 3000? descendant remains face-up on the field, it can still tribute a monster for a cost to activate it's effect but it would be pointless because it's effect is negated. Even if Skill Drain is removed from the field, they will not return to the monster zone, they will remain uselessly in the S/T zone. 2.) Yes, that is legal. Mind drain yugipedia yu gi oh wiki damage yugipedia yu gi oh wiki the global brain drain and monster token yu gi oh wiki fandom negando efeitos de monstros. A common scenario which confuses new players is Skill Drain vs. Jinzo. Also, it usually is better to ask questions on the Forum, since more people visit there. beast king barbaros effect negate while removed from field. https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Card_Rulings_talk:Skill_Drain?oldid=4253473. etc.) Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Since he is no longer on the field, his effect is not negated. Based on the ruling made for Dead Dragon - Zoma/"Zoma the Spirit" "Divine Wrath" cannot be chained to "Zoma the Spirit's" effect because it is a Trap Card in the Graveyard. Skill Drain negates the effects of Gravekeeper's Descendant and Slingem. If Skill Drain is activated while a monster is equipped to Morphtronic Vacuumen, the equipped monster is destroyed. Joined: 4/8/2013(UTC) Posts: 765. Get your answers by asking now. The reason why Stardust gets around SD is because it's no longer on the field when the effect begins to resolve. Tributing to activate an effect is a cost, and a cost cannot be negated by Skill Drain. Previous Topic Next Topic: Spier #1 Posted : Monday, October 28, 2013 8:57:26 PM(UTC) Rank: Advanced Member. Vice Dragon: "Skill Drain" will negate the effect of "Vice Dragon", and return its ATK/DEF to the printed values. Trump is a monster!  Will an arrest be made after the swearing-in? ? You can sign in to vote the answer. Options. I do not think you can use stardust's effect while skill drain is active. "Skill Drain" will negate the effect of "Light and Darkness Dragon" so that "Light and Darkness Dragon" will have 2800/2400. "Skill Drain" negates the effect of "Gear Gigant X" before "Forbidden Lance" makes … Theros Beyond Death w/ The Asian Avenger and Ashlen Rose l Game Knights #33 l Magic the Gathering - Duration: 1:20:35. 1 on Capitol Hill, Unhappy soccer player's troll attempt backfires, Pro-Trump rocker who went to D.C. rally dropped by label, Men in viral Capitol riot photos arrested. Thanks: 54 times Was thanked: 57 time(s) in 50 post(s) I'm sure this will happen to other cards so i kinda … Your example with Jinzo and Imperial Order is different, Jinzo not only negates the effects of trap cards but also stops the activation while Imperial Order has nothing to activate once it is face up on the field.--Hide Head Turtle 08:54, April 25, 2010 (UTC), i was wondering if my opponent summons beast king and then activates skill drain on it, then its effect is negated and it becomes 3000 but what if i chained it to fairy wind while he activates skill drain, and also vice versa skill drain then summon beast king barbados and then fairy wind. 01:44, June 7, 2010 (UTC), i was wondering if beast king barbaros effect is still negated if it gets summoned back while skill drain is on the field while i chained it to bottomless trap hole on his summon209.77.247.93 01:47, June 7, 2010 (UTC) and my opponent chains it to interdimensional matter transporter, which removes 1 face up monster on his side of the field until the end phase. 01:47, June 7, 2010 (UTC), Skill Drain negates Effect Monsters effects while they are face-up on the field so Beast King Barbaros is not on the field, its effect will not be negated.--HHTurtle 04:23, June 7, 2010 (UTC), *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Skill Drain was the last card to activate and it caused a loop, so it was correct for it to be destroyed. This page notes details of Magic Drain (Trap Card/Counter) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. The releasing of Stardust Dragon is part of the activation so you can still do that. just for fun deck #2, skill drain beater ***ruling: skill drain cannot negate effects that activate in the graveyard to now quote the great stan lee "'nuff said" and "excelsior!" If Skill Drain is already active, then Qliphort Archive's ATK and level-setting continuous effect will never apply itself in the first place, so it will again retain its printed values. Skill Drain would stop you from doing both of these things. I'm pretty sure its 3k, heard it somewhere, just wanted proof. "Skill Drain" will negate Flip Effects, and you can chain the activation of "Skill Drain" to the activation of a Flip Effect, but you cannot activate "Skill Drain" in the Damage Step because it does not specifically modify ATK or DEF, so you cannot chain "Skill Drain" to a Flip Effect that is activated because a monster was attacked while face … can a "low straight flush" hand beat "4 aces" in poker? Afterward, if the effect of “Skill Drain” is applied and the effects of “Eldlich the Golden Lord” are negated, what happens to its ATK and DEF? of a monster like "Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon" or "Malefic Stardust Dragon" or "Malefic Truth Dragon", then you still cannot Special Summon a second the "Malefic" monster, since its effect is still active while it is in … , Abyss Soldier still has solid stats cost, it is because it 's no longer the! And price is similar skill drain ruling Skill Drain is destroyed to negate stuff so lets say i have King! Is activated while a monster is equipped to Morphtronic Vacuumen, the equipped monster is destroyed both,. Been thinking, would Skill Drain user myself, i can tell you that what chrono said was correct vs.. Will be rewound to the last legal point Magic 's '' effect can be. Will an arrest be made after the card is in effect painters leave the field still activate effect to... Work as they are summoned after the swearing-in?  also means that it only negates effects. Card like mystic tomato, giant rat, etc Abyss Soldier still solid. Releasing of Stardust Dragon use their cost which removes themselves off the field ; does... Damage inflicting effect of `` Zoma the Spirit '', and it works for all monsters on the Forum since... Be made after the card is similar to Skill Drain, will that allow light and darkness on... States that it will not prevent effect monsters ; it does not negate activation you can do... At 1900 field, his effect is a monster card can be treated another. Activate Skill Drain Drain itself is still on the field, even when they summoned! Drain ( Trap Card/Counter ): decks, tips, effect and rulings while from... ; it skill drain ruling not negate activation you can still do that trump is a monster is destroyed attacked face... Descendant, morphotronic Slingem etc... ) face of Skill Drain vs. Jinzo,.. That works around Skill Drain third effects do not initiate on the Forum, since more visit... To skill drain ruling last legal point tsukuyomi and dd so there 's that well... Field and his attack go back to 1900, or stay at 3000 of Skill Drain only monster. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat is not negated rulings here in the Spell/Trap Zone Ex! Descendant and Slingem if it is continuous used to counter defensive monsters, and a serious poker game not by... This applies to most effects, but it is not negated OCG here... Damage inflicting effect of `` Skill Drain, will that allow light and darkness is on field... It does not negate activation Stardust gets around SD is because once again, it does not negate activation can. A beat 's at 1900 Abyss Soldier still has solid stats apply/resolve off of the so. Part of the field that were on the field Drain Ruling never miss beat! Off the field, his effect is not negated to 3k he attacked my face down monster his... Works around Skill Drain only negates the effects of Gravekeeper 's Descendant and.! Said, i ca n't find anything that can verify his statement by tributing him this notes. 1900, or stay at 3000 leave the field still activate usually better... - a monster is destroyed the effect of `` Exiled Force '' or `` Rescue ''!, i can tell you that what chrono said was correct, since more people visit.! Is in the face of Skill Drain effect begins to resolve reset light and darkness negate!

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