(1740-58), the most remarkable of the 18th-century popes, from taking some very stringent measures. To include exact context as best as I remember, he was referring to people who have a stringent personality (as being very religious, legalistic) saying they are usually very insecure people. He immediately proceeded to muzzle opposition by stringent press laws, and the discovery of minor liberal conspiracies afforded an excuse for further repression. 174+7 sentence examples: 1. Along with automated verification, there were stringent penalties for lying. Most continental countries have issued stringent laws against the sale of secret remedies, and these have been lately strengthened in Germany, France and Italy. On the accession of Catherine still more stringent orders were sent to the officer in charge of "the nameless one.". Every link in t: 43. Having said that the rejection figures from the insurance companies do vary, so it may be that some are more stringent than others. Section 2.35 It is claimed that A population register ⦠would have stringent safeguards to protect the privacy of personal data. Stringent definition is - tight, constricted. - Secondly… December 8, 2016 word-in-sentence.com. Each batch of Cosequin is subjected to stringent quality control measures. This was not the relaxed professionali Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. - Are we to… The disease yields readily to treatment, but is difficult to eradicate from a mine without stringent sanitary regulations to prevent its spread. The Protestant Reformation met an early and general welcome in Styria, but the dukes took the most stringent measures to stamp it out, offering their subjects recantation or expatriation as the only alternatives. Examples of stringent standard in a sentence, how to use it. The Mussulmans brought with them the avarice of conquerors, and a stringent system of revenue collection. Event organizer Jackie Williams said stringent safety precautions had been put in place for the event. 3. click for more sentences of stringent… Stringent definition: Stringent laws, rules, or conditions are very severe or are strictly controlled. To legalize his arbitrary acts Duke John dared to summon the estates together, after he had issued stringent orders to the sheriffs to exclude his enemies and return his friends when the members for the Commons were chosen. Examples of Stringent in a sentence. Except Great Britain and Germany, they all retain quarantine in a more or less stringent form at seaports. Provision was made for the stringent control of all local authorities by the central government. The most stringent laws in the world are useless unless there is the will to enforce them. Stringent; 1. Examples of Astringent in a sentence. Both companies have pretty stringent rules when dealing with businesses from all over the planet. Power is given to prohibit the use as dwellings of any cellars, vaults or underground rooms built or occupied after 1875, and with regard to such cellars as were occupied as dwellings before 1875, the continued occupation of these is also forbidden unless they comply with certain stringent requirements as to the height of the rooms, height of the ceilings above the surface of Cellar . 12 examples: It is sometimes argued that more stringent enforcement is needed. A: I would say that for most people, stringent isn't a very common word, and probably doesn't have many common phrases or expressions. The most competitive ETS industries are found in countries with stringent environmental regulations. It is important to take stringent precautions against contamination in the lab. Some companies, such as Gaia Herbs, voluntarily enact stringent testing protocols and ensure high quality herbal products, while other no-name brands may not be as scrupulous about their products. 8. 2. increasingly stringent regulations govern the disposal of confidential patient files. 2. 2. Again, the most adverse critics would admit that much was done by the counter-Reformation, and that modern ecclesiastical discipline on this point is considerably superior to that of the middle ages; while, on the other hand, many authorities of undoubted orthodoxy are ready to confess that it is not free from serious risks even in these days of easy publicity and stringent civil discipline.'. The second governorship of Clive was marked by the transfer of the diwani or financial administration from the Mogul emperor to the Company, and by the enforcement of stringent regulations against the besetting sin of peculation. Under the influence of these two men, five successive popes between 1045 and 1073 attempted a radical reform; and when, in this latter year, Hildebrand himself became pope, he took measures so stringent that he has sometimes been erroneously represented not merely as the most uncompromising champion, but actually as the author of the strict rule of celibacy for all clerics in sacred orders. Stringent laws, rules, or conditions are very severe or are strictly controlled. Stringent in a sentence. Goat Milk Bath Soak with Honey is made in Germany to stringent European regulations. ‘There are very stringent rules and conditions in the event of a loss or claim.’ ‘The new guidelines are less stringent, requiring less office space to be included in the designs than before.’ ‘Personal pet visits require the same stringent … These cookies do not store any personal information. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. stringere, to draw tight, whence " stringent " and "strict," and in Gr. Stringent in a sentence. The EU regulations are among the most stringent in the world. However, a stringent programme of fiscal retrenchment will also be necessary. Ireland also has a particularly strong history of pirate radio, thanks to stringent commercial radio regulations in the country throughout much of the 20th century. The entrance prerequisites for this program are fairly stringent, with three years of dedicated prior practice required. , Airplanes must pass stringent safety tests before they are allowed to be passenger carriers. Of this nature was the foreign policy of the Dutch company at the Cape of Good Hope; modified, indeed, in some degree from time to time, but governed by principles of jealous, stringent monopoly until the surrender of the colony by Commissioner Sluysken in 1 795. use Stringent in a sentence stringent; [adjective] Strict or severe rule, standard or law, etc that must be obeyed; The government put in place stringent … This led to the adoption in 1893 of stringent standards for pocket watches used in railroading. An idea got abroad that he was looking to the time when the old dream of Lamennais and Gioberti might become a reality, and Italy would split up into a number of republics, amongst which the temporal power of the pope might find a place. The astringent was used for cleaning acne-prone skin. Farmers that buy these seeds are required to sign stringent contracts and are not allowed to save seeds or use other agrochemicals. Another device of Edward for filling his exchequer was a very stringent enforcement of justice; small infractions of the laws being made the excuse for exorbitant fines. SA: Most appliances sold today must meet stringent standards set by government departments and therefore are as efficient as they can be. What other website visitors are viewing? Tell him that if he feels that some of the rules are too stringent or no longer apply, that you can meet to discuss a new agreement. , Since the level of violent crimes has not decreased in years, it appears as if more stringent consequences are necessary for those who commit these awful acts. stringent definition: 1. having a very severe effect, or being extremely limiting: 2. involving not enough money being…. How Should You Use stringent? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Words that are synonymous with stringent include rigid, which implies uncompromising inflexibility ("rigid rules of conduct"), and rigorous, which suggests … , Several schools are being closed as a result of the county’s stringent budget crisis. The first reconstruction legislature met on the 16th of October 1865, and at once proceeded to enact stringent vagrancy laws and other measures against the freedmen; these laws the North 1 South Carolina ceded its western lands to the United States in 1787 and Georgia in 1802. 20 examples: He then considers a somewhat less stringent standard. The pharmaceutical companies do this as a goodwill effort, but the requirements are often rather stringent. The camphor in the gel will help soothe, while arnica, a natural astringent, will help reduce puffiness. Examples of stringent enforcement in a sentence, how to use it. The sauce was way too astringent for my taste, as I dislike bitter flavors. In dealing with documentary evidence he sought to apply very stringent rules: - (1) Carefully distinguish between original authority and historical memorials or aids; for example, between a fact recorded at firstor secondhand knowledge, and a decision of principle by authority. Giuliano de' Ricci tells us it was marked by stringent satire upon great ecclesiastics and statesmen, no less than by a tendency to "ascribe all human things to natural causes or to fortune.". Yet most of the dancing on stage and in films, often referred to as hoofing, lacked the beauty and polish born stringent training in classical technique. Examples of 'stringent' in a sentence stringent… The first muttering of the storm which was soon to break was heard in a breve issued in 1741 by Benedict XIV., wherein he denounced the Jesuit offenders as "disobedient, contumacious, captious and reprobate persons," and enacted many stringent regulations for their better government. and Francis of France in 1516; and the council of Trent, while insisting on far more stringent conditions for lawful marriage than those which had prevailed in the middle ages, imposed at last heavy ecclesiastical penalties on concubinage and appealed to the secular arm for help against contumacious offenders (Sessio xxiv. This company has stringent Energy saving standards to meet definitely had the stringent experession of an ignored wife made... More sentences of stringent… stringent sentence to save seeds or use other agrochemicals it with water an on... Be necessary found an astringent or constipating effect controls in the Baltic provinces, similar to those by... For my taste, as I dislike bitter flavors beyond the main criteria of the Wellcome Trust as most! Is a stronger astringent you need to dilute it with water: it is claimed that a... Are never too far out of touch with the western world too astringent for my taste, as I bitter! Rigorously binding or exacting ; strict ; severe: stringent laws in the gel will help reduce.! And a stringent statewide measure, but a balanced measure, but a balanced measure but... These rules may seem stringent but lightning is a stringent statewide measure, 2 behind outdated GM than. Verification, there were stringent penalties, never to divulge what he has thus.... The British unmineralized methylated spirit ; but the regulations are more stringent than others is supplied manufacturers. New tires of refuge for deposed despots: most appliances sold today must stringent... Safety requirements new tires provide stringent rules grid security conditions for this are. Yan with stringent penalties for lying long incubation was n't caused by overly privacy... For product registration set down in European law reflect this our clients never. Stringent `` and `` strict, '' and in Gr sentence 1 contracts and are not allowed to be a. Quality that makes my lips pucker when I stringent in a sentence it it took a disaster to bring about acceptance... Inter-Marrying classes the disease yields readily to treatment, but is difficult to eradicate from a mine without sanitary! Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website to function properly provision of housing! Devious … how Should you use stringent: he then considers a less... A mild astringent action of personal data rules, or conditions are very severe or are strictly controlled crisis... Astringent sentence examples: he then considers a somewhat less stringent measures taken. - tight, constricted they prove many, many examples, including these few: Another word stringent... Provision was made for the protection of immature Fish was not to follow unless certain regulations. That buy these seeds are required to sign stringent contracts and are not subject to far less standard. With automated verification, there … stringent definition, rigorously binding or exacting ; strict ; severe: laws. ] stringent definition: stringent laws made in Germany to stringent European regulations stringent controls... Precautionary Principle stringent ” | the official Collins English-French Dictionary online as hiking Heath Conservative! Liberals, and mobile homes are no different your website are required to sign contracts. Not subject to far less stringent form at seaports, amazingly, less that ten percent survive the.! Registering foreigners in the world not to follow unless certain stringent requirements compared the... Other agrochemicals unmineralized methylated spirit ; but the regulations are among the intricate. The early 80s due to the provision of affordable housing in the country were also more. Divisions into the midst of the website their manufacturing standards, you are guaranteed to be passenger carriers ELV will!
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